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Donna Schmitt

Donna Schmitt

Maureen Lasslett

Maureen Lasslett

Donna wants to live in a world where knitting would be an acceptable way to spend her entire day. (Alas, in her "real world" she owns a graphic design and publishing company, Tinfoil Rose Design.)


Introduced to the art of knitting as a young girl by her grandmother, she went on to master crochet, sewing, quilting, felting and other assorted handcrafts, and a few years ago came full circle and once again succumbed to the knitting spell.  Her finished designs are sold in a shop in a local artist's community.


After many lost needles, messy yarns, heavy sighs, general disorganization-related knit-tastrophes (and incessant muttering of  "where the *$&#@%# did my stitch markers go???!!!"), she decided to create some fun, unique, and just downright handy knitting accessories.  She enlisted the aid of her partner-in-crime and master designer Maureen, and "Knitting With Attitude" was born.  


Donna's the designer behind Knitting With Attitude's unique and high-quality stitch markers, progress keepers and accessory storage.  She's also the "bag maker", utilizing her amazing sewing skills and Maureen's incredible designs.


When she's not knitting, you can find her reading, crocheting, doing embroidery or needlepoint, hiking, biking, walking, and studiously avoiding housework.  

Donna is lucky to live by the ocean in beautiful Ocean Grove, NJ, with her husband Jim, a perfumer, musician, mystic, author & historian, and her goofy dog Maya.


Maureen seemingly was born with a needle and thread in her hand (ouch!).  An award-winning quilter and expert sewist, she is the former owner of Pieceful Choices Quilt Shop in beautiful Vernon, NJ and the current co-owner of Perfect Timing Sewing Machine Company, also in Vernon.  Her husband Jon does the machine repairs while Maureen handles a heavy workload of sewing repairs, alterations, leatherwork and patch sewing (she's the go-to girl when it comes to patches for the area's law enforcement, EMTs, Girl Scouts and biker community)!


Maureen met Donna in 2009 when she hired her as a graphic designer for the quilt shop, and from day one a wonderful friendship was born.  Since then, this talented duo have embarked on many crafty adventures together, and are very excited about the launch of "Knitting With Attitude".

While her "day job" is filled with satisfying demanding customers and their "sew-mergencies", as well as her job as bookkeeper extraordinaire for a local accounting firm, much to Donna's delight she's found the time (and has the incredible talent) to design the beautiful project bags offered here!

When Maureen's not bent over a sewing machine or off in a corner working on a hand-sewing project, she enjoys hiking (someday she WILL finish walking the NJ portion of the Appalachian Trail!), baking and spending time with her two children. She lives in a picturesque valley nestled in the mountains of Vernon, NJ with Jon, who not only is the Guru of Sewing Machine repairs (, but also an accomplished singer, guitarist and voice-over artist.


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