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posh progress keepers

about our progress keepers


While many of us like to use knitting as a Zen experience, not pressuring themselves to adhere to self-imposed deadlines, most knitters get excited to see "how far they've knit today".  Especially on those sweaters that go around  . . . and around . . . . and around, seemingly endlessly.  

Snag-free, with lobster clasps for easy clipping, each handmade progress keeper is unique and made from the finest quality metals, charms and stones, and let's face it, they add a little "bling" to your project.  Which is never a bad thing. 


Our progress keepers also make the perfect zipper pull for your project bag., and can also be used as a "stitch catcher" - not that we EVER drop stitches, right?


And if you order 3 or more of our Posh Progress Keepers, you'll receive a beautiful complimentary stitch holder!

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