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dapper dpn holders

about our dpn holders


Are you a DPN junkie?  Hate losing stitches when you store your WIPs? Then these DPN holders are just what the doctor ordered!  Perfect for sock or glove knitters, the Dapper DPN holder will securely hold your DPNs when your small project is not in use, keeping your stitches from pulling a Houdini and escaping when you're not paying attention!

The holders are double-interfaced for sturdiness - no floppiness allowed here! Just sturdy enough to support your needles and keep them from poking through the fabric.

We use only quality 100% Quilter's cotton with fun fabrics and coordinating linings to add pizazz to any project!

Each holder closes with two secure plastic snaps to ensure that your project & needles stay where they belong.

The Dapper DPN holder fits perfectly in our project bag pockets.

Pssssst . . . we don't want our magic loopers to feel left out - the Dapper DPN Holder will also hold one pair of circulars!

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