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What's With the Attitude*?

*(or, how we got our name)


When the idea for our fiber-accessory business was born (see our "about"  page), one thing Maureen & I  had no trouble deciding on was our name. We knew we wanted a name that was fun, maybe a little sassy, and one that could mean many things to many different people.


One of the things that cemented our friendship early on was that we have similar "attitudes" when it comes to how we approach life.  We both believe in living with intention and with gratitude. We believe that attitude is a driving force when it comes to creation.  However you define yourself - whether it's as an artist, a hard worker, a parent, a partner - we are all creative beings.  And the attitude we bring to our lives and creativity have a huge impact on the results.


We imbue all of our products with our own attitudes, and appreciate the fact that our fiber artist sisters and brothers can have some fun with our creations while imparting their own attitudes into theirs.

So whether your attitude is one of gratitude, peace, determination, pride, confidence, of "hey, look at me, I'm amazing!", or even one of "*$(#*%&##$", you've found the perfect place!

With love (and a little attitude),


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